Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doctor Who Season 7.5

The second half of Doctor Who season 7 starts in 5 days. FIVE DAYS! You are officially allowed to get really excited.

So if you are part of Hermit's United and have only decided to join the real world, here are the promo pics for the next four episodes:

Episode 6: The Bells of Saint John.
Something is getting people through their Wi-Fi. As if Moffat wasn't evil enough...

There is also the prequel to the episode, which you can see here:

Episode 7: The Rings of Akhaten
The Doctor and Clara travel to what Moffat describes as an "epic, overwhelming, boiling, red-orange planet." 

Episode 8: Cold War
The long-awaited return of the Ice-Warriors is finally happening. Thanks Mark Gatiss 

Episode 9: Hide
A classic, spooky ghost story.

Hopefully they live up to the blockbuster-style that Moffat seems to be going for. 

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