Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Power of Three


Just a quick note on the feel of the season so far...To be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of these episodes. While I think they are generally good standalone episodes, there could have been a stronger story arc. From what I can tell, the arc is The Doctor saying goodbye to the Ponds. And that's it. I feel as if they should have a stronger sense of going somewhere, that there needs to be a bigger picture.

Anyway, on to The Power of Three

I thought the episode was fantastic in terms of the Doctor-Ponds relationship. However, the actual sci-fi, monster story was lacking. The resolution was far too simplistic and rushed. When I think of a year-long alien invasion (or pest-control as the Doctor so kindly puts it), I think of battles and a fight for the human race. The episode feels reminiscent of the Army of Ghosts/Doomsday episodes but much weaker. There is the same aspect of these 'things' being incorporated into our everyday lives only for them to, well, want to kill us. Whereas Davies' episodes delved into the invasion, Chibnall's was more like "oh I'll just point my sonic screwdriver and be off. Have a good day!"

I mean, Shakri, the stuff of Timelord fairytales was just a hologram and their conversation lasted about two minutes. He really wasn't even a threat. It was hardly exciting.

Also, why were the nurses taking humans onto the ship. I thought they were trying to kill us. And why did the Doctor just leave them there to die? Honestly, I just think it was way to rushed.

That said, The Power of Three was hilarious! I loved Brian's return. He is just a brilliant character, like Wilf. It's a shame we probably won't see him again.

(bye-bye Brian)

I also loved seeing the Doctor being all domestic (even if it was only for an hour!) I can't imagine him sitting still for any length of time so this was great!

The best bit of the entire episode was definitely this part:

It was such a beautiful moment. It made me tear up. The Doctor, destined to be alone because people leave...or die. He has never been so open about his feelings before. I mean, in his tenth regeneration, he couldn't even tell Rose he loved her. So yeah, this was nice.

The Ponds finally settling down after all this time is so sad when you think about how the next adventure will be their last. They finally started to sort out their real lives and it is coming to an end. Boo!

I think I'm even less ready for the Ponds to leave than the Doctor is. Which is..sad. While I really like Amy, Rory is just so amazing. How great was he in this episode. The Rory from the beginning of Season 5 would not have gone charging into an unknown portal completely unaware of what could be waiting for him on the other side. He's really become a proper companion and now he is leaving. And also (queue fangirling), his hair is really sexy and I just want to touch it. He can't leave yet!

Definitely excited for the The Angels Take Manhattan. I've read that it's a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey which should be fun! Though I hated Moffat's confusing episodes in the past, I'm looking forward to one just in the hope that it'll be complex enough to warrant a good amount of time being spent on solving it. It also better be as heart-breaking as Moffat has promised. I want to farewell the Ponds with as much uncontrollable sobbing as I've given to the other companions, Nine and Ten.

What did you think of the episode? Minus the actual alien-fighting, sci-fi part, I thought it was fabulous. Just like the Doctor in this .gif:

And what are you hoping for next week?

(NOTE: pictures/.gifs aren't mine. I borrowed them from Tumblr)


TwitchLazuli said...

I didn't really get this episode, it seemed kind of rushed like you said, and not all that alien-y and not enough Doctor-domestic, like I thought! But I do like that last gif!

Anonymous said...
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