Saturday, March 30, 2013

David and Billie Set To Return

Yes, you read that correctly. David Tennant and Billie Piper have been confirmed for the 50th anniversary special *cue fangirl squealing*

John Hurt (Ollivander - Harry Potter, Kilgharrah - Merlin) is also set to make an appearance.

However, with this news also comes the sad fact that John Barrowman will not be reprising his role as Captain Jack Harkness for the special.

Who do you want to return? Let me know!

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Louise IsBoring said...

I'm glad that Ten and Rose are returning, I'll be interested to see how its done though as they're not supposed to be able to come back! I also wish Captain Jack was coming back, and I'd also like to see a return of Martha and Mickey as I feel they were underrated characters and bringing them back won't risk destroying any cannon plots (eg, Dona not being able to come back as she can't remember The Doctor) :)