Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Wedding of River Song

I began this, the first time, by saying that I didn't have much to say but the more I wrote, the more awesome little parts I remembered, so here it is:

I liked it, I mean, it's Doctor Who. I can't not like it. It was somewhat uneventful though. I was expecting a really complicated resolution that would only make sense in the mind of Moffat. The simplicity, therefore, left me sort of underwhelmed. It was just like "oh, that's it, is it?". At the same time though, I still thought it was a good resolution because like I said, it's Doctor Who and hiding in the Teselecta was a pretty good idea. 

One thing I was a bit disappointed in was that the thing I found in a tumblr post I linked to in one of my 'Let's Kill Hitler' posts did not seem to be resolved. This was supposed to be one of the most important things in Let's Kill Hitler, or so the author wrote. And, to be honest, I thought it was a really good theory and something really complex would unfold, relating to the Doctor's tux or something. Unfortunately, nothing. So that was a bit annoying. Especially as it wasn't even mentioned. Also, his new coat. I thought there would be some significance of it but, once again, nothing. Oh and I'm not sure but did they say who that old man who met Amy and them at Lake Silencio was? If you know, please leave a comment! :)

Apart from that, I loved the episode. When River Song was telling the Doctor about the call she sent out to the universe and everyone wanted to help, my eyes started welling up. And how she doesn't want him to die without knowing he is loved. That made me love River in an instant. The Doctor's life is so heartbreaking and when he knows people love him and don't want to leave him, it makes me happy. Yes, I know I get way to invested into the lives of fictional people but honestly, they are a lot more interesting than the lives of real life people. 

Something I found funny was that the Silence made a sort of joke at Rory's expense. You know, with his many deaths and such. Out of all the aliens, the Silence now definitely win as the most scary. Every single time the camera went to the Doctor's arm and we saw there was another stroke was so good. And seeing them there, all hanging upside-down on the roof freaked me out. Moffat's monsters do all have a recurring theme to them though, don't you think? You know, making sure you can see them or something bad will happen. Still, his are always the scariest so they are great!

Also, Amy's drawing of what she thought Rory looked like. So funny! Oh and once again, I've fallen more in love with Rory. He is just so amazing, especially when he had the eyedrive on the entire time even though the Silence were hurting him through it. I have so much love for him, it's not even funny. I'm a bit sad he didn't have more lines but his face every time some new information about him and Amy was told was gold. 

Did anyone feel that Amy shouldn't have regretted her decision to leave Madame Kovarian at the mercy of the Silence? Maybe it was like Davros said in Journey's End:
"The man who abhors violence, never carrying a gun, but this is the truth, Doctor: you take ordinary people and you fashion them into weapons... behold your Children of Time, transformed into murderers. I made the Daleks, Doctor, you made this."
But still, that evil lady stole her daughter. I would have done the same, I think. Would you?  

The actual ending was brilliant. I'm hoping that it means the storylines for next season will be a bit more Russell T Davies style. Or even old Moffat style (as in 'The Empty Child' through to 'Forest of the Dead'). I love that it will be going back to the original question "Doctor Who?". Very excited for the Christmas Special. It's so far away though! 

One thing I did hear is that Amy and Rory won't have as big a role in season 7 as they have in 5 and 6 and that they'll be occasional companions rather than in each episode. I hope that's not true. I also heard that Confidential will no longer be filmed because of the big budget special effects in the actual show. I'm sad to hear that although the more recent episodes weren't as good. I much preferred watching how the show was produced than how Karen Gillan is learning to drive.Watching Confidential is what made me want to study film in Uni. It better come back!

That's about it then. I have many many questions, feel free to answer them if you want/care. What did you think about the episode? :)

Bye <3