Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Power of Three


Just a quick note on the feel of the season so far...To be honest, I'm getting a bit tired of these episodes. While I think they are generally good standalone episodes, there could have been a stronger story arc. From what I can tell, the arc is The Doctor saying goodbye to the Ponds. And that's it. I feel as if they should have a stronger sense of going somewhere, that there needs to be a bigger picture.

Anyway, on to The Power of Three

I thought the episode was fantastic in terms of the Doctor-Ponds relationship. However, the actual sci-fi, monster story was lacking. The resolution was far too simplistic and rushed. When I think of a year-long alien invasion (or pest-control as the Doctor so kindly puts it), I think of battles and a fight for the human race. The episode feels reminiscent of the Army of Ghosts/Doomsday episodes but much weaker. There is the same aspect of these 'things' being incorporated into our everyday lives only for them to, well, want to kill us. Whereas Davies' episodes delved into the invasion, Chibnall's was more like "oh I'll just point my sonic screwdriver and be off. Have a good day!"

I mean, Shakri, the stuff of Timelord fairytales was just a hologram and their conversation lasted about two minutes. He really wasn't even a threat. It was hardly exciting.

Also, why were the nurses taking humans onto the ship. I thought they were trying to kill us. And why did the Doctor just leave them there to die? Honestly, I just think it was way to rushed.

That said, The Power of Three was hilarious! I loved Brian's return. He is just a brilliant character, like Wilf. It's a shame we probably won't see him again.

(bye-bye Brian)

I also loved seeing the Doctor being all domestic (even if it was only for an hour!) I can't imagine him sitting still for any length of time so this was great!

The best bit of the entire episode was definitely this part:

It was such a beautiful moment. It made me tear up. The Doctor, destined to be alone because people leave...or die. He has never been so open about his feelings before. I mean, in his tenth regeneration, he couldn't even tell Rose he loved her. So yeah, this was nice.

The Ponds finally settling down after all this time is so sad when you think about how the next adventure will be their last. They finally started to sort out their real lives and it is coming to an end. Boo!

I think I'm even less ready for the Ponds to leave than the Doctor is. Which is..sad. While I really like Amy, Rory is just so amazing. How great was he in this episode. The Rory from the beginning of Season 5 would not have gone charging into an unknown portal completely unaware of what could be waiting for him on the other side. He's really become a proper companion and now he is leaving. And also (queue fangirling), his hair is really sexy and I just want to touch it. He can't leave yet!

Definitely excited for the The Angels Take Manhattan. I've read that it's a bit wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey which should be fun! Though I hated Moffat's confusing episodes in the past, I'm looking forward to one just in the hope that it'll be complex enough to warrant a good amount of time being spent on solving it. It also better be as heart-breaking as Moffat has promised. I want to farewell the Ponds with as much uncontrollable sobbing as I've given to the other companions, Nine and Ten.

What did you think of the episode? Minus the actual alien-fighting, sci-fi part, I thought it was fabulous. Just like the Doctor in this .gif:

And what are you hoping for next week?

(NOTE: pictures/.gifs aren't mine. I borrowed them from Tumblr)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Town Called Mercy

As always, there will be spoilers

A Town Called Mercy was definitely a triumph. Can we just start off with how visually stunning it was? The scorched, dusty landscape was just amazing and made it look like really authentic. (I would know, I've seen an entire TWO Western films)

The episode was fantastic! I loved the writing and a storyline about morality never gets old. In the Doctor's now 1200 or so years (I'm not sure how or why time jumped that fast), he has had so many life changing moments that of course his morality is going to altered by these experiences. It's always good to revisit it. It felt especially important in this part of the season as he is "weaning" himself off the Ponds, and vice versa. He needs a companion to keep him grounded. We've seen what happens when he doesn't (think the Waters of Mars etc) He needs Amy and Rory to be his moral anchors.

I also want to take back what I said about disliking the part in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship when the Doctor did not save Solomon. In combination with this episode, it seems a lot more...justified? I'm not too sure but it helped to reinforce that the Doctor needs a companion. Would he have perhaps saved Solomon if Amy was there?

Obviously the question of 'what would you do?' was put to us. Save Jex or let the Gunslinger have his justice. What would you have done?

Now that I've mentioned the Gunslinger, how cool was he?! Appearance-wise, at least. They did a really good job with him.

Also, Matt Smith's acting has to be applauded, it really does. I actually have no words for the jail scene and the scene where he pushes Kahler Jex outside the town's boundaries.

Let's delve into those a little. The jail scene was pretty powerful. Kahler Jex is one of those characters that mirrors the Doctor.
"In my culture we believe that when you die your spirit has to climb a mountain, carrying the souls of everyone you wronged in your lifetime. Imagine the weight I will have to lift. The monsters I created, the people I killed" - Jex.
This seems to resonate within the Doctor. Imagine 1200 years of people he has wronged. Imagine the weight the Doctor will have to carry. Though he tries to act for the good of all, nobody is perfect.

There is also the part where Amy and Rory are discussing what they should do with Jex and the Doctor is off in the corner in his own inner conflict.

Then there is this scene. The Doctor actually holding and aiming a gun. 

 Not a single monster is as scary as the Doctor when he is angry like this. 

(Brilliant, brilliant acting, Smithy)

Reflecting back on the episode now though, I feel as if it was kind of...forgettable. Don't get me wrong, the above scene will probably be ingrained in my memory for a while but apart from that, I don't really remember what else happened. 

One last thing, have you all picked up on the recurring motifs from the last 3 episodes? The mention of Christmas and the flickering lights. Eggs seems to be another too. My guess is that the 'Christmas' references mean the new companion and the flickering lights are the Weeping Angels. Not too sure about the eggs thing though. What are your theories?

And, are you excited for the next episode? The Power of Three...sounds like the Doctor needs his companions more than ever!

(Note: None of the pictures/.gifs are mine, I found them on Tumblr :P) 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship


This week's episode was really great! It was a light, fun episode that was a ball to watch. To be honest, when I first heard the title, I was a little apprehensive. Dinosaurs on a spaceship sounds a bit lame but it worked out fantastically. Plus, the CGI was really good. The dinosaurs looked amazing.

It was fast-paced and had lots of silliness. It's great when the Doctor acts all childish. Matt Smith is so fun to watch.

The extra companions were amazing. I was sort of hoping Solomon (David Bradley aka Filch from Harry Potter) had a cat that snooped around the place. Although I did not like how the Doctor practically blew him up. It did seem out of character. Especially since he had that spiel about disliking violence. That said,  it is obvious why he would do that.

Riddell's (Rupert Graves aka The Walking Innuendo aka Lestrade from Sherlock) flirting with Queen Nefertiti was again, a bit of fun. Especially for the adults. I can't believe I'm actually going to write this but yes, Riddell. I do need a man of adventure and excitement and especially one with a very large weapon.

Brian Williams (Pond, Rory's Dad aka Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter) was pretty cute in this episode. I mean, just look at this. Of all of time and space, he chose to look at earth and enjoy a cuppa from the TARDIS.

Also, he said this:
Doctor: "Brian, you don't have any vegetable matter in your pants do you?"
Brian: "Only my balls."

How could you not love him?! Hope to see him again before the Ponds leave.

The sassy robot henchmen of Solomon's weren't that great to be honest. Again, they added to the fun of the episode, but they could have been funnier. Also, Tricey the Triceratops that acts like a dog? I feel like that's been done before. Oh and the Doctor has now kissed all three Ponds. Challenge completed, it seems. (I approve)

Finally, the heartbreak. They always have to throw something in that kills the fangirls everywhere.

Look at his face. He knows. Something is going to happen to Amy and it's going to break our hearts.

Doctor: "You'll be there 'till the end of me."
Amy: "Or vice versa."
The look they shared at this. The foreshadowing is too much. I loved it. It brought the episode back to the last of the Ponds. It was just enough to not completely ruin the feeling of the episode but still reminded us: the end is nigh.

On one last note: I am going to miss the Ponds. Amy is just so badass. She really took control in this episode and held her own. None of that "damsel in distress" business that someone will always complain about (in regards to female characters in Doctor Who in general.) Also:

Riddell: "Doctor, this is a two man job."
Amy: *picks up stun gun*
Riddell: "What are you doing?"
Amy: "I'm easily worth two men. You can help too, if you like."

Fyeah Amy. You are amazing! 

(Note: None of these pictures are mine. I either googled them or found them on tumblr)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Asylum of the Daleks

Just letting you know there will be SPOILERS in this post.

I was really excited for this new episode of Doctor Who. Eight long months without the Doctor was hard. I mean, I REALLY like this show so of course I really missed it. When the release date was finally announced, I was so excited. New Doctor Who...finally! I even woke up at 5am to watch it as soon as it was released on ABC iview in Australia (just after it aired in the UK) And then I actually watched it and, well, I was slightly underwhelmed.

First off, the Parliament of Daleks? Really? They hardly seem the type to have any sort of democracy. Besides, I can't imagine any sort of debate occurring. They have one opinion - EXTERMINATE. The Daleks could have been a lot scarier in a different setting. That said, the Asylum of the Daleks was pretty cool but again, it could have been pushed a bit more. I would have like to see more from the Daleks who had completely lost it.

Second, Oswin Oswald was fantastic! Maybe it's because I can imagine being just like her (more-so than Rose Tyler as well, I think), sitting around at a computer and making souffl├ęs (aside from the fact that I can't cook) And then there was the kicker. Where DID she get the milk and eggs? Making Oswin a Dalek was a great idea, I must say, but there was one thing that bugged me...

Do you remember the two-part episode 'Daleks in Manhattan' and 'Evolution of the Daleks'? Excluding Dalek Sec, the others from the Cult of Skaro were horrified at the thought of a Dalek/human hybrid. Why then, would they change their minds about converting humans to Daleks? I had a discussion with someone about this. They said the point of the Daleks was to make us question how different we (and the Doctor) really are from them. I definitely agree with this. I love the 'what make us human?' question. However, I don't think we need these obvious comparisons to humanity (such as the Parliament) for us to make the connection. What do you think about all this?

Also, I can accept that Oswin was a genius and the Daleks have some really advanced technology but why did Oswin's voice still sound human over the PA when she was talking to the Doctor and Rory?

Oswin's storyline in this was really great and it reminded me of the Cybermen episodes of the 2nd season. Without the emotion inhibitors, the human would not be able to cope with what they had become, it would literally be too much for them to handle. Also Yvonne Hartman from Torchwood, though she was a Cyberman, was still able to do her "duty for queen and country" Those resonances of humanity in both Oswin and Yvonne make you really feel for them. It's really heart-wrenching.

Rory and Amy were great as usual. I thought it was very clever how Amy told the Doctor that he couldn't fix their marriage like he does his bow-tie and then it cuts to the Doctor straightening his bow-tie after Amy and Rory talk through their problems. There has been some argument over Rory bringing up the 2000 years thing, like how awful it is for him to be keeping score and for using it to measure his love for her, but I thought it gave us more insight into his character.

Rory never thought he would 'get the girl'. Amy thought he was gay, for goodness sake! But he finally did yet there is still this nagging at the back of his mind that he isn't good enough for her, that she might leave him at any second. (Coincidently, she sort of did in Pond Life) Therefore, it's no wonder he has this notion, however wrong it may be, that will always love Amy more than she loves him. Everyone has their little insecurities, right?

Well, that's all I can really remember to say about this episode. I'm very interested to see how they are going to bring back Jenna Louise Coleman's character (I've heard she's actually supposed to be called Clara, so there might be something going on with that) and I can't wait for the next episode! (A Harry Potter reunion as well as Lestrade from Sherlock? I think yes!)

I'm just going to end on this funny little quote:

Oswin: "Is there a word for total, screaming genius that sounds modest and a little bit sexy?"
Doctor: "Doctor. You can call me the Doctor."