Saturday, August 13, 2011


I've been wanting to write about this for a while but I thought I should wait and watch the episodes with the Silence first and then give my opinion.

I realise that I've been hating on Steven Moffat quite a bit. There are some major things he has done to Doctor Who that are most definitely horrible but I'm getting used to them. What I don't understand though is how he can create some of the most brilliant monsters and stories yet also come up with the most ridiculous and complicated ideas that run through the entire season.

I mean, the empty child/the doctor dances has got to be two of the most memorable episodes of the new series (I'd say all time, but I havent seen the classic series). Christopher Eccleston's performance was so wonderful and the absolutely brilliant Captian Jack makes his debut and of course, everybody lives!

The weeping angels are also one of the best aliens created. Although I'm specificially talking about David Tennant's episode, Matt Smith summed up why they are so great pretty well. He said something along the lines othat try were a play on that children's game 'red-light, green-light' which is why it makes them so scary. I'm not entirely sure, but I know that they are definitely one of the most terrifying that I've seen.

Then there is the vashta nerada. The idea that any shadow can literally shred the flesh off your bones? Just so brilliant! Moffat is just so good at finding the most basic childish fears and turning them into an actual nightmare. Although, at the same time, River Song is introduced in these episodes, and while I thought she was really cool then, I'm not too fond of her now.

And the Silence? Again, a really great monster. They scared me for two reasons: 1. You forget about them, as soon as you turn away and 2. They can and have been influencing people's decisions. Being human and having a choice, your own thoughts abd all is something we take for granted and then finding out (even though I know it isn't true) that these things have been influencing you all this time is quite scary. It's almost the equivalent of becoming so over taken by technology like in the parallel world episode with David and Billie.

The fact that he is able to come up with such great monsters and storylines yet is not able to re-do this when he is the producer baffles me.Changing the Daleks and including River Song are two really big differences that I'm not too happy with. On the other hand, Rory and Amy are awesome companions! Especially Rory, I have no idea why, but I am really obsessed with him.

Haha, this has sort of become a debate with myself, half convincing myself that I should trust Moffat and where he is taking the show and half telling myself that Moffat has entirely screwed the show up. I really am way to passionate about Doctor Who :P

That's all for now! Bye :)

EDIT: Wow, there were so many grammar errors and spelling mistakes in this. Note to self: don't write a blog post on your iPod.

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Kathy S said...

The weeping angels have probably been my favorite so far too.