Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's Kill Hitler pt 1

I always have this thing about new Who (which, to me is the name for the current, Moffat era rather than from the beginning of RTD's era) where I both love it and hate it. I've said this many times before because some parts are absolutely brilliant and then others I'm thinking 'what on earth just happened?' The same applies for this episode. I'm going to do this in two parts, so it doesn't get too long. I think I'll start with the parts that I loved as I feel as if I'm too mean sometimes :P

The things I loved about 'Let's Kill Hitler':

  1. RORY! You may know by now that I am actually in love with Rory and this episode just made me like him even more. He is so badass punching Hitler like that AND putting him in a cupboard. (I replayed that bit twice) Then he was all like " A miniaturisation ray" and was all cute and stuff. (Sorry for that part, I'm too much of a Rory fangirl)
  2. For once River Song wasn't the smug know-it-all that I have always hated from the start. Yes, she did almost kill the Doctor but at least he knew more than her for once. 
  3. The dialogue. There were some really great little one liners that made me laugh. I also really liked the part where we got to see Amy and Rory growing up, and how Amy thought Rory was gay. 
  4. We got to see Rose, Martha and Donna again. Although I had hoped they would have a bigger role, not just a little hologram thing, it was still good to see them :) Also, it was nice to see that the Doctor didn't just forget about them so quickly after meeting Amy. It's good to know that he still feels guilty about the way things ended with them (Not that I want him to be depressed but I miss those characters a lot so he should as well)
  5. The fact that it was Doctor Who. To be honest, I think this was the main reason I liked it so much. Not watching Doctor Who for not even two weeks was obviously too long for me.
Part 2 of this will be up as soon as I am bothered to write it :P


TwitchLazuli said...

Oh my God, Rory was kickass in this episode! I loved how River/Melody was still basically a teenager, I think Alex Kingston did brilliantly! <3

Kathy S said...

I loved the Rory and Amy flashbacks as well. And Rory was amazing, I loved him putting Hitler in a cupboard. So cute.