Monday, August 29, 2011

Let's Kill Hitler pt 2

I have a feeling that this post will be quite a bit longer than the last one. Thanks for reading these and commenting by the way. It makes me feel loved :)

So for the things I didn't like:

  1. I thought there would be a lot more killing Hitler and a lot less being miniaturised and transported into a robot. It was kind of unfair how they advertised it, especially since I thought they would be bringing up the idea of how much you can change from the past and how it might affect the future. So that was disappointing.
  2. River effing Song. So I know I said I didn't hate her as much in this episode but the fact that this entire season revolves around her is getting really annoying. I just really don't like her. I also thought it was really strange how she grew up with her parents and practically made them get together (as Mels). It's creepy and confusing. 
  3. I hate that there is so much death in Moffat's seasons. I hate how the Doctor is so, well, weak and River is the hero so often. I liked thinking of him as pretty much invincible (although I obviously know that this is not so). Also, Kayley said in her reaction video about how it just makes her not care about them dying any more because it happens so often and I have to agree with her. I mean, when Harriet Jones died I was almost crying because even though she wasn't a major character, we were still made to care about her enough. 
  4. That little scene with the banana. Yes it was funny and cute but really, I don't want this to be Sherlock. That is it's own show and I hate when Moffat incorporates Sherlock-type scenes into Doctor Who. It probably shouldn't bug me, but it does.
To TwitchLazuli, although I hate River, I have to agree. She was pretty funny and kickass. (Is there any way to reply to comments?)

Despite these things, I just read something that may make me actually like Moffat after all. This is possibly the most important thing in Let's Kill Hitler. I cannot believe this guy picked up on these things, it's brilliant! And if there is that connection (probably is), my opinion on Moffat will probably change to me worshipping his cleverness. It would have taken a lot of thought. 

Ok, so I honestly thought I would have a lot more things to dislike about this episode. I probably shouldn't have left writing this so long after seeing it. I know I've forgotten some things. 

I can't wait for next weeks episode though, it looks really scary! 
Bye for now <3

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TwitchLazuli said...

Oh my god, I hadn't really noticed the Doctor's clothes so much - well, apart from swooning at the sight of him in a tux! And one thing I definitely didn't like in this episode was that Rose, Martha and Donna didn't talk, it was just their image from promo pictures. :(